UCAC4 431-063476

UniSi_V107: new EW system discovered

And it’s time to back in Ophiucus, where in last May, with Alessandro Marchini and Riccardo Papini, using the telescope of Astronomical Observatory of University of Siena, discovered this new EW system: the UniSi_V107 (UCAC4 431-063476).
ASAS-SN data were used to fix the period.

The magnitude goes from 15.94 to 16.22 V, with a secondary minima at 16.10 V.

Epoch: HJD 2458258.3803
Period: 0.323357 d

This is the link to VSX record: https://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=624655

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