WBRO_V1: new EA system discovered [UPDATED]

The history of the discovery of WBRO_V1 (the eclipsing Algol system UCAC4 549-028882 in Gemini) start at december 2016, when Massimo Banfi, observing another suspected variable star suggested by Fabio Salvaggio, Alessandro Marchini and Riccardo Papini, revealed a clear minimum.

After a lot of months without getting result in period determination (using ASAS-SN data too), we asked help to members of Unione Astrofili Italiani (UAI). And after few observations we were almost *sure* that the system were probably asymmetric. Very asymmetric.
Thanks to Ivaldo Cervini, Ulisse Quadri, Claudio Arena, Mauro Bachini, Giacomo Succi, Mario Masucci, Giorgio Bianciardi e Pietro Aceti for their observations. On January, 7, 2019 we found the primary minima at the WBRO and at Tavolaia Observatory.

Magnitude variation goes from 13.73 to 14.26 V, with a secondary minima at phase 0.65 and magnitude 14.15 V.

Epoch: HJD 2458491.3853
Period: 7.07065 d

This is the link to VSX record: http://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=683948

UPDATE January, 15 2019:

Thanks to Lorenzo Franco (Balzaretto Observatory – A81) we have a model of this system. Here the notes added by himself:

It is a binary that shows the two asymmetrical minima. This means that the system has an eccentric and non-circular orbit. The model obtained must be considered preliminary because the solution is not univocal, in the absence of radial velocities.

For this system the photometric catalog APASS reports a color index B-V = 0.352, corresponding to stars of type F0-F2 with a surface temperature of about 7000 K °.
The model is based on a ratio of the masses q = M2 / M1 = 0.8;
Radii (with respect to the semiaxe a) r1 = 0.14, r2 = 0.125;
Eccentricity = 0.24;
Longitude of periastro = 17 ° and inclination of 86 °.

The animation shows the system seen from above where you can see the complexity of the orbit.

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