WASP-48b on 2019-06-26 at WBRO (K49)

This is the transit of the exoplanet WASP-48b (in Cygnus) taken at the WBRO-K49 by me, Giuseppe Marino, Riccardo Papini e Max Banfi on last June, 26 2019.
Obs data: exposition 300 sec with V filter.

These are the lightcurve and the system reconstruction based on data:

WASP-48b: the transit observed at 2019-06-26
Derived transit geometry

It’s not our best observation: we had some problem during the focus step. But the transit is clearly visible.

Here the observation reported in ETD: http://var2.astro.cz/EN/tresca/transit-detail.php?id=1561870012&lang=en

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