UCAC4 390-131259

UniSi_V110: new RRc discovered

A new RRc star has been discovered from the telescope of Astronomical Observatory of University of Siena.  The star has been discovered in July 2017, with Alessandro Marchini and Riccardo Papini, but we need more help to define the type (at first we were sure about an EW) and the period. Thanks to the help of Claudio Arena, Lorenzo Barbieri,Luca Rizzuti and the ASAS-SN survey data, we achieved the goal.

The variation goes from 15.20 to 15.57 V

Epoch:  2457957.4807 HJD
Period: 0.297189 d

This is the link to VSX record: https://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=624692

Pubblicato in Variable stars.

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