A new EW variable star system has been discoverted. This is LiceoIrisVersari_V1 (UCAC4 563-038465 in Gemini) named after the High School Liceo Iris Versari, located in Casano Maderno, (MB), Italy.

The first detection was made with the telescope of Astronomical Observatory of University of Siena by Alessandro Marchini, Fabio Salvaggio, Riccardo Papini during the Christmas night. Then, we asked to Massimo Banfi and Pietro Aceti (Banfi’s former student) to continue and follow-up the system. Banfi’s students were enthusiast to partecipate to this check.
That’s why we named the star after the school. We also used the ASAS-SN data to better define the period.

The students involved in this project are: Bertani Davide, Businaro Pietro, Castagnoli Andrea, Grassi Niccolò, Mantovani Niccolò, Marinoni Francesco, Montalto Luca, Nova Federico, Radouani Fatima Ezzahra, Romagnoli Giulia, Vavassori Alessandra, Vellani Luca, Zuffi Davide.

The LiceoIrisVersari_V1 magnitude variations goes from 16.07 to 16.50 V.

Epoch: HJD 2458478.6596
Period: 0.306592 d

This is the link to VSX record:

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