KELT-16b lightcurve

KELT-16b on 2019-07-13

The transit of the planet of the system KELT-16b in Cygnus has been recorded at WBRO-K49 with Riccardo Papini, Massimo Banfi and Giuseppe Marino. There are very few transits about this exoplanet, so, this one came to be quite important for understand the system geometry.

Exposition and setup are always the same: 300 sec with R filter. All calibrations done.

These are the lightcurve and the system reconstruction based on data:

KELT-16b: the final lightcurve
KELT-16b: residuals
KELT-16b: derived geometry compared with literature.

Here is the observation reported in ETD:

Pubblicato in Exoplanets.

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