GSC 02875-02470

GSC 02875-02470

It is with great delight that I can officially report a new Binary Star discovery found in the constellation of Perseus (Star identifier: GSC 02875-02470 in Perseus) by Irish and Italian astronomers working in collaboration.

The discovery was serendipitously made while the team were undertaking photometric observations of main belt asteroid (69315) 1992 UR2.

The initial discovery was made from Cherryvalley Observatory (I83) Co. Meath Ireland and the Italian team were alerted for follow up observations which were carried out from both Italy and Ireland. I am very proud to be part of this discovery team and wish to thank my Italian friends for their hard work and their time in carrying out both the follow up observations and in depth analysis, in particular Mr. Fabio Salvaggio whom is very skilled and knowledgeable in this area, truly a team effort and a great result working in friendly collaboration.For details on this discovery, now designated 000-BMX-685 please follow this AAVSO link to The International Variable Star Index Website for more info:…

The binary system is of type EA (β Persei-type (Algol) eclipsing system with a period of just over nine days.

This is the link to VSX record:

(by Mike Foylan)

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