A rare Heartbeat with a EA elements star it was discovered by the GPX survey.
This is the GPX-TF23C-4171 (GSC 04037-02026 in Cassiopeia) and it was discovered and submitted to VSX from P. Benni, A. Burdanov, F. Salvaggio, A. Marchini, R. Papini.

Heartbeat stars. A type of eccentric binary stars (e >0.2) whose light curves resemble a cardiogram. They are ellipsoidal variables that undergo extreme dynamic tidal forces. As the two stars pass through periastron, brightness variations occur as a consequence of tidal deformation and mutual irradiation. There may also be tidally induced pulsations present. The morphology of the photometric periastron variation (heartbeat) depends strongly on the eccentricity, inclination and argument of periastron. The amplitude of variations is very small, usually below 0.01 mag. (from VSX designation).

Magnitude variations goes from 10.992 – 11019 Rc with a grazing eclipse of 0.006 mag.

Epoch: HJD 2458973.0697
Period: 3.60407 d

This is the link to VSX record:

Pubblicato in Variable stars.

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