About me

My name is Fabio Salvaggio. I was born in 1976 in Catania, Sicily (Italy). Now I’m living near Milan, from 2013.

At 8 I discovered a big interest in the sky: I started to search costellation, object and, of course, dreaming my first telescope. In those years I didn’t had help from my family about this: but them helped me to collect the wonderful “Astronomia alla Scoperta del Cielo”, a very interesting encyclopedia about astronomy. And my interest about the sky grow-up with me.

At 12 I met, for first time, when I was at the high school, a paper sticked in a laboratory where it was advertised a introductive course in astronomy organized by the Gruppo Astrofili Catanesi. I had no doubts about: I said to me “I must be in this course”.

After almost 30 years, I can say that this was one of the best choice I made in my life.

In the Gruppo Astrofili Catanesi I start to have a strong declination to the research thank’s to my friend Giuseppe Marino. With time, I decided to configure my ideal setup telescope strongly oriented to photometry: OTA C9,25″, Vixen GP-DX and, after some years using an SBIG ST7-XME, the SBIG ST8-XME.

In this while, I was a student and a worker too. I took a Master Graduation in hystory and a PhD in Epistemology at University of Catania. And those were the years that my interest in astronomy remained little bit hidden, but never sleepin.

Fabio Salvaggio, Riccardo Papini and Alessandro Marchini

Fabio Salvaggio, Riccardo Papini and Alessandro Marchini

From 2008 I started to work with friends of Unione Astrofili Italiani – Sezione Stelle Variabili e Sezione Pianeti Extrasolari with incredible and resonable results.
But it was in 2014, joining in a strong collaboration with Alessandro Marchini (Siena) and Riccardo Papini (Firenze), that it started a wonderful and prolific period of observations and discoveries (over 100 including variable stars, binary asteroids). We are, firstly, friends… brothers in stars. Even if we live in different places, we try to meet all the time we can. And we always enjoying the time togheter.

In 2016, and this is the last “news”, with Giuseppe Marino, Riccardo Papini and Massimo Banfi, born the new Wild Boar Remote Observatory (K49). The OTA C9.25″ and the SBIG ST8-XME keep observing for us. And we are waiting for other satisfactions.

In my private life, I’m married with the wonderful Chiara and we live with our beautiful doughters: Giulia and the sweet Ottavia.