Another EA – the GPX-TF8D-2534 (GSC 04047-01522 in Cassiopeia) – has been discovered during the GPX survey and submitted to VSX by P. Benni, A. Burdanov, F. Salvaggio, A. Marchini, R. Papini. Magnitude variation goes from 13.51 to 13.76 V with a secondary minima at 13.55 V at phase 0.44. Epoch: HJD 2457697.705Period: 7.15306 d […]

CBET 4636 on (1344) Caubeta

This is the official CBET text about the discovery of the binary nature of the asteroid (1344) Caubeta. (1344) CAUBETA B. Christmann, Soucieu-en-Jarrest, France; P. Pravec, K. Hornoch, H. Kucakova, and P. Kusnirak, Ondrejov Observatory. D. Pray, Sugarloaf Mountain Observatory, South Deerfield, MA, U.S.A.; V. Benishek, Belgrade Astronomical Observatory; R. Montaigut and A. Leroy, OPERA […]


Qatar-1b on 31-05-2019 with WBRO-K49

This is the transit of the exoplanet Qatar-1b taken at the WBRO-K49 on last May, 31 2019.Obs data: exposition 300 sec with V filter. These are the lightcurve and the system reconstruction based on data: This is the field with object (at center) and the comparison stars: This is the link to ETD archive with […]