GSC 02872-01923 – EW system discovery

Another EW system has been discovered thanks to a strong collaboration with Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini, Massimo Banfi, Claudio Arena and Giorgio Bianciardi. This system, located in Perseus, is a very nice EW system with a clear O’Connel effect. It was not possible to cover all the phase, but the period is well fixed. We […]

GSC 04051-01319 – EW system discovery

And, again, we are back. This is a nice EW system located in Cassiopeia. The discovery is from the last mid august thanks to the telescope of Osservatorio Astronomico of University of Siena by Alessandro Marchini. Me, Riccardo Papini and Massimo Banfi observed the system again with the WBRO (K49) during other two nights, few […]

UCAC4 590-041015 – EA System discovery

After five months, we back to discover variable stars. And this is the first (real, not imported) post in my new website. The new variable star is the UCAC4 590-041015 in Gemini. We – with Alessandro Marchini and Riccardo Papini – discovered this system on 16 january 2016. But it was really difficult to complete the […]