GSC 04463-01015: EW System discovered

A new EW system has been discovered with the telescope of the Astronomical Observatory of University of Siena: this is the GSC 04463-01015 in Cepheus. In order to define the period, we also used the ASAS-SN survey data. The magnitude goes from the 13.15 to 13,52 V Epoch: HJD 2458084.3164 Period: 0.386547 d The link to VSX […]

UCAC4 760-020518: EB System discovery

Another variable star system discovered! Six in a row! This is the UCAC4 760-020518 in Cassiopeia, a very nica and faint EB system discovered with Alessandro Marchini (Astronomical Observatory University of Siena), me, Riccardo Papini and Massimo Banfi (WBRO -K49) and Claudio Arena. The system is too faint to use survey due to determine the […]

UCAC4 662-020393 – EW system discovered

And again, we did it! This is the UCAC4 662-020393 in Perseus. It’s a really faint EW discovered from the team composed by me, Riccardo Papini, Massimo Banfi, Alessandro Marchini and Claudio Arena. The period was defined better using the ASAS-SN survey data. Magnitude goes from 15.59 to 15.85 V. Epoch: 2458097.3661 HJD Period: 0.374850 d Link […]

UCAC4 552-028220 – EA System discovery

Poker! Another variable star has been discovered by the team composed by me, Massimo Banfi and Riccardo Papini (WBRO – K49) and Alessandro Marchini (Astronomical Observatory of University of Siena). This is the UCAC4 552-028220 located in Gemini, a very nice EA semi-detached system that seems almost an EB system. We covered almost all phase […]

GSC 02872-01923 – EW system discovery

Another EW system has been discovered thanks to a strong collaboration with Alessandro Marchini, Riccardo Papini, Massimo Banfi, Claudio Arena and Giorgio Bianciardi. This system, located in Perseus, is a very nice EW system with a clear O’Connel effect. It was not possible to cover all the phase, but the period is well fixed. We […]